About us

We are a group of companies in the Slovenian food-processing industry that practice safe and high-quality processing throughout the entire production chain from farm to table. Sustainably processed food, certified and monitored production processes and respect for historical experience are the fundamental qualities of our operations, through which we are building the trust of consumers on the Slovenian and European market. We comprise 11 companies, whose activities include feed production, farming, poultry farming, pig farming, veterinary science, production of meat and meat products, wine-making, ecology and power supply. The vertically integrated production of foodstuffs is based on traceability, monitoring and the ensuring of continuous quality throughout the entire production chain.

We either produce the raw materials needed to produce our controlled, safe and high-quality foods ourselves, or we source them from the local environment. We work with more than 2000 family farms that produce the highest quality products according to uniform and strictly controlled standards. Sourcing locally allows us to create a system of supplying safe and healthy home-style food, based on several principles: traceability, management and quality assurance systems, cooperation with neutral laboratories, the introduction of above-standard into live production and continuous professional assessment and professional advancement.

The AVE brand offers the widest assortment of red and white meat and meat products in Slovenia. We offer approximately 18 thousand tons of fresh meat, semi-processed meat products, and heated, semi-cured and dried meats on the market annually.

The Panvita Group is the first in Slovenia to completely remove all of the primary allergens from our production process: eggs, soy and gluten, while milk is present only in products containing cheese.Additionally, nearly all of our products contain no flavour enhancers.