The parent brand of the Panvita Group links three interconnected activities: farming, meat and meat products, and ecology and energy.

Our story began in the 1920s with the founding of a provincial estate. Through its organisation and knowledge, the estate soon became the largest agricultural and processing enterprise in what was at the time the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The various socio-political systems that succeeded it broke the estate up into several small, unprofitable units. It was only with the arrival of the Rakičan Agricultural Association that the negative trend of fragmentation was halted and the process of merging was once again initiated. What we know today as the Panvita Group is the continuation of tradition and knowledge that we build and expand on every day.

The production of meat products has roots in Gornja Radgona, where one of the first pork processing companies in the region was established. From the tiny shop established in 1922, the company grew into a leading producer of meat products. By joining the Panvita Group, the company received new impetus to realise its vision in the field of meat processing.

The growing stocks of poultry in this part of Slovenia in the middle of the 20th century opened the door to the modern slaughtering facility. Similar to today, the slaughterhouse of the time was supplied with poultry from all over Prekmurje. Upon the transition to a market economy, poultry farming activities were assumed by the Panvita Group, which provided a vision and undisturbed continued operation.

Notwithstanding the company’s updated visual identity and organisational structure, we remain faithful to our values such as partnership, self-confidence, reliability, flexibility and a consumer orientation.

Today the Panvita Group comprises 11 affiliated companies that employ more than 600 people and fulfils its mission through environmentally-friendly food processing and sustainable livestock farming.