Quality management

Panvita comes from a region with a tradition of tasty food, to which they add traceability and monitoring. In implementing the concept of safe, traceable and monitored foodstuffs we do not rely solely on our own knowledge, but cooperate with a number of highly reputed institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

We guarantee the safety of our food through the numerous CERTIFICATES and STANDARDS we have been awarded. We were the first in Slovenia to introduce the International Food Standard. With this standard the producer ensures that the products of that system ensure consumer safety. The producer only obtains it after implementing operations following the ISO standard, the HACCP system and its analysis of critical control points, and standards of good manufacturing and good logistical practice. In addition to these standards, we have brought all of our production facilities into line with EU standards, obtained the SI 711 ES and SI 82 ES oval stamps, and harmonised our operations with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Through compliance with all of the standards, the Panvita Group ensures that the products that we put on the market are completely safe and high-quality.