Cold cuts


A product made of pork following a traditional recipe from the Slavonia region of Croatia, adapted to the modern lifestyle. With its unique colour it is nearly indispensable for cold platters and canapes, as it is not just tasty but also truly decorative.

100 g

Grajska salami

Grajska salami (or “castle” salami) is a cured dry sausage that you will find nowhere else, as it is made according to the recipe of AVE master chefs and therefore ranks among AVE’s exclusive products.

300 g, 800 g

Farm-style salami

Pork and beef salami whose unique flavour will conjure a true rustic idyll.

300 g, approx. 600 g

“Kmečki želodec” pork belly

Dried meat from the finest cuts of meat and bacon. This is a product with a long-standing tradition and a specific taste and shape.

Farm-style cured ham

Farm-style cured ham, also known as Mura ham, is prepared according to recipes once used to store meat products in the villages. The shanks of the finest pigs are selected, dry salted, cold smoked and air dried.

80 g


Due to its special method of preparation, AVE Prestige zašink is somewhat different to other zašink hams of its type. Cold-smoking gives it a robust and complex flavour which comes to its fullest expression when chewed slowly.

80 g

Tyrolean sausage

One of the more “manly” salamis. For all lovers of rich meat flavour cooked according to the original recipe.

100 g


A classic known all over the world, without which no English breakfast and many other delicious dishes would not be complete.

100 g

Mürska ribica ham

For a quick snack when unexpected guests arrive. They will love the full and strong flavour of the smoked meat. Serve it together with other AVE Prestige hams and enjoy the satisfied expressions on your guests’ faces. And on your own.

100 g

Smoked pork neck

Will liven up any snack, and true gourmets won’t be able to resist putting it in sandwiches, as it makes them all the tastier.

100 g

Chicken special salami

A traditional popular favourite! A good old classic made of chicken meat, without which no school trip would be complete.

100 g, 180 g

Parisian salami

The famous Parisian salami goes in any sandwich, and is also excellent in omelets, salads and with spreads.

100 g