Salamis and sausages

Grajska salami

Grajska salami (or “castle” salami) is a cured dry sausage that you will find nowhere else, as it is made according to the recipe of AVE master chefs and therefore ranks among AVE’s exclusive products.

300 g, 800 g

Farm-style salami

Pork and beef salami whose unique flavour will conjure a true rustic idyll.

300 g, approx. 600 g


A product made of pork following a traditional recipe from the Slavonia region of Croatia, adapted to the modern lifestyle. With its unique colour it is nearly indispensable for cold platters and canapes, as it is not just tasty but also truly decorative.

100 g

Chicken special salami

A traditional popular favourite! A good old classic made of chicken meat, without which no school trip would be complete.

100 g, 180 g


The real deal. The legendary ham with tasty cheese and vegetables is a full meal in every bite. But it goes even better on a slice of fresh bread.

approx. 2200 g

Parisian salami

The famous Parisian salami goes in any sandwich, and is also excellent in omelets, salads and with spreads.

100 g

Tyrolean sausage

One of the more “manly” salamis. For all lovers of rich meat flavour cooked according to the original recipe.

100 g

Šunkarica ham

Šunkarica, made from high-quality cuts of pork, is still among the most popular products that come in an artificial wrapper. The traditional recipe and meaty flavour still give it its place next to boiled prosciuttos and hams.

400 g

AVE Delight

Ave Delight sausage is made following an old recipe and has its own specific flavour. There’s nothing better than spearing it on a stick and roasting it over an open fire at camp or on an outdoor picnic.

approx. 1600 g

Traditional farm-style sausage

Traditional farm-style sausage is similar in composition to the much vaunted Carniolan sausage, but does not have a skewer. It can be boiled or sautéed, and should always be served with mustard, horseradish and fresh bread.

400 g


A classic known all over the world, without which no English breakfast and many other delicious dishes would not be complete.

100 g