AVE Chicken fillet

Red and yellow paprika
Olive oil
Sliced peeled tomatoes
Red beans
Nacho cheese

Tortilla with chicken, vegetables and homemade salsa

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Servings: 4
Preparation time: 40 min
Difficulty: Medium

First prepare the salsa. Put onions, red and yellow peppers in a blender and blend them. Then heat up olive oil in a pan and add all the ingredients. Season with salt, black pepper, chilli and sauté them.

In the meantime cut the chicken into thin slices, marinate it in olive oil, salt, pepper and a pinch of chilli and sauté it quickly. Remove the meat from the pan. You have just enough time to thinly chop zucchini and onions and sauté them in the pan that you used for sautéing the meat.

Return to salsa. Add tomato sauce and stir.

Then add maize and red beans to the sautéing vegetables, and add some more salt. After a few minutes add the meat that you prepared earlier.

Take a larger pan and toast the tortillas you bought, so they become warm. Add some salsa to the meat and vegetable mix, which has been cooking for about 20 minutes and mix well.

When the tortillas are toasted, stuff them with the meat and vegetable mix, fold them and cover them with nacho cheese. Serve with the rest of the salsa.

The chicken meat for tortillas can be replaced with our AVE Chicken Gyros.



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