Pork leg

Juicy pork leg suitable for cutlets, roasts, stews and dry prosciutto.

Lumbar chops

Soft and juicy lumbar chops work best as a tasty fillet in a net, served with baby vegetables and sweet potatoes. Can also be grilled, breaded, roasted or smoked.


The loin is beautifully prepared as a roast glazed with lemon juice, serve with rough-mashed potatoes with parsley and fresh herbs. Also great for the grill.


Great for oven roasting with new potatoes and vegetables. We recommend finely cut slices of roast with Brussels sprouts and salt potatoes. Also excellent for grilled kebabs.

Pork shoulder

Fresh meat seasoned with pepper, cumin and garlic and roasted to a golden yellow, served with plum sauce and mashed potatoes. Also excellent for roasts and stews or cubed in goulash.


Serve pork breast stuffed with bread, spring peas, parsley and cumin. Stuffed breasts can be battered in beaten eggs and roasted in the oven until golden yellow. Also excellent for roasts or smoking.


Pork ribs should be seasoned with herbs and served roast to a crisp, with various sides such as potatoes, steamed vegetables or sauerkraut. Also excellent for grilling or smoking.

Pork belly

Used for juicy roasts, served with crunchy roast potatoes. Also great for a delicious roulade.

Pork shin

Pork shins are best roasted or smoked for boiling.

Pork shanks

Pork shanks are best roasted or smoked for boiling.

Pork tenderloin

The lightest, juiciest and leanest cut of pork. Tenderloin is wonderful as a roast. It is also excellent on the grill, in kebabs or delicious medallions.