PIGI pork products

PIGI is a brand of pork raised in the Prekmurje region. Pig farming has a long-standing tradition in this part of Slovenia, and Prekmurje pork is considered the basis for the finest dishes and meat products. PIGI uses additional animal husbandry safety standards and specially selected feed. This ensures the high quality and fine taste of the meat. In addition to other cuts, our product range includes specially prepared and cut pork cutlets, which allow you to prepare stewed pork chops, wiener schnitzel and other simple and tasty cutlet dishes quickly and easily. Cubed pork is the basis of every great goulash, stew or risotto. The pork is pre-cut, all you have to do is the creative part of the cooking.

PIGI pork loin

600 g

PIGI pork cubes

480 g

PIGI pork loin cutlets

500 g

PIGI pork leg cutlets

500 g