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This website was developed for you by Panvita MIR d.d., Ljutomerska cesta 28a, 9250 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia (hereinafter:Panvita d.d.) in cooperation with DigiGRAL Vizualne komunikacije d.o.o. The information about Panvita d.d. and its products and third parties and their products collected on this website was prepared with a great deal of care, but there is still the possibility that errors can occur when adding content or making changes, for which we sincerely apologise to our online users. Anyone who visits this website accepts the terms and conditions of use of the website without restriction or reservation.

Content and exclusion of liability

All content on the website is of an informative nature. Panvita d.d. undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that the information on this website is up to date, however it shall assume no legal responsibility relating to the accuracy, completeness or utility of any information, product or procedure described on the website. Panvita d.d. shall also not be held liable for any typographical errors and failures to upload up-to-date information.

Panvita d.d. shall in no case be held liable for any damages (including those caused by viruses) to computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application that can be used to access the website, that results from your visit to or use of the website. Panvita d.d. shall not be liable for any damages of any sort that might occur due to the use or inability to use the website.

Panvita d.d. reserves the right to alter the content of the website at any time, in any way, on any grounds and without prior notice, and shall assume no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Legal notice

All rights to the website reserved. All visual and written materials and information on the website are subject to copyright protection or other forms of protection of the intellectual property of Panvita d.d. and its partners whose content is included in the website, within the legally permitted framework.

Users may use the content of the website exclusively for personal, i.e. non-commercial, use. All other forms of use of the content of Panvita d.d.’s website for commercial purposes are prohibited. The information and materials published on this website may not be transcribed, duplicated or distributed in any other way for commercial purposes without the explicit written consent of Panvita d.d.

Panvita d.d. may alter the legal notice and terms and conditions of use of the website at any time, and each altered form shall be binding on users.

Privacy and protection of personal data

Panvita d.d. uses cookies, which allow it to track your use of the website, register user activity on the website, and evaluate and improve the website in order to make it more user friendly. You can set your browser settings to block cookies or to notify you when cookies are sent.

For statistical purposes, Panvita d.d. reserves the right to obtain only such data on visitors to its website that does not disclose the specific characteristics of the individual.

In certain parts of our website you will be asked to entrust us with your personal data, for instance to register on the website. Panvita d.d. guarantees and undertakes to treat personal data as confidential in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. We shall not disclose the data you send us to third parties or unauthorised recipients and shall use it only for the purposes for which you send it to us.

Privacy and security of personal data at authorised contractors of Panvita d.d.

DigiGRAL d.o.o. maintains the information system in cooperation with Panvita d.d. and carries out tasks for Panvita d.d. in the area of maintenance and upgrading of the website.DigiGRAL d.o.o. and any other external companies that carry out specific activities for Panvita d.d. relating to the website hereby undertake to process personal data only within the framework of the authorizations of Panvita d.d. and shall not and may not process it for any other purpose.

Warning regarding unauthorised or incorrect use

For reasons of security and ensuring uninterrupted use of its website for all its users, Panvita d.d. may use programs for monitoring traffic and identification of unauthorised attempts to upload or alter information or any other method of causing damage. Information from these sources may be used to identify individuals in the event of authorised legal inspections and in accordance with the required legal procedures.

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The content of the website may contain links to various external sources such as other websites, individual web pages and other sources. We shall not be held liable for accessibility to, content of or errors on external links, and users of the website may not assume that the web pages to which the website offers links adhere to the same principles of respect for the privacy and security of personal data as those observed by Panvita d.d. When visiting linked websites, Panvita d.d.’s liability shall be excluded in all cases.

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Upon visiting our website your browser may display pop-up ads. These ads are most likely generated by other websites or other software installed on your computer. Panvita d.d. does not approve of or recommend the products or services displayed in pop-up ads on your computer while visiting our website.


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