Feed production

In our modern factory in Lipovci we manufacture high quality feed mixtures, which allows a good usage of the genetic potential of the animals to achieve above average rearing results. We consistently monitor the control over the raw material and end products ever since we implemented the system of comprehensive quality control. Only the use of suitable raw materials allows the production of high quality products.

We are a leading manufacturer of safe high-quality feed in northeastern Slovenia and an important link in the Panvita Group chain. Our products provide an optimum ratio of the necessary nutrients considering the invested means. Our main production and sales line includes feed for pigs, cattle and poultry. The only guarantee for quality is systematic monitoring of products and their effects on our own and partner farms. Our primary focus is the development, improvement of recipes based on technological findings through the use of feed on our own farms, constant adapting to the needs of our customers, exchange of professional knowledge at home and abroad, and constant introduction of new products.

We're on a path of becoming the largest center for repurchase of grains in the country. By doing so we are reinforcing our position of the largest manufacturer of pig feed in Slovenia.

For years, our experts have been co-creating European trends in the field of nutrition of domestic animals and putting them into practice with more than fifteen hundred partners.

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