Our meat and nutritional safety

In the EU, despite its strict existing legislation, which incorporates high standards regarding protection of the consumers, we have lately witnessed numerous affairs in the field of food safety; horse meat found in numerous meat dishes, where there should be only beef, two years ago it was Escherichia coli and vegetables; a few years prior they found dioxin in eggs; fake ingredients in food and the list could go on and on. So, does the EU really guarantee food safety?

The Panvita Group connects companies which deal with the controlled and environment-friendly production and processing of food according to the model "from a field to a table." Using this business model we handle all the processes for the production and processing of Slovenian food. In an effort to maintain our own quality we want to maintain a high level of self-sufficiency of Slovenia and give Slovenian consumers access to quality Slovenian meat products. We do this in partnership with over 1,500 family farms. We provide the basic raw materials for the processing and production of meat products from our own pig and poultry farms within the Panvita Group. Each year we provide the market with 16 thousand tons of fresh meat, semi-prepared meat products, parboiled, semi-cured and cured charcuteries.

We believe that health and well-being depends on natural and tasty food, which gives us energy and preserves life vitality. Natural and tasty food can only be one that is produced or processed safely, using high-quality methods, and one which meets the most recent regulations, is produced in an environment-friendly way and its entire process of rearing must be controlled. Tasty food should always be fresh, juicy and healthy, with no allergens, soy or milk protein.

By tracking the most modern regulations for the pork meat production processes according to the model “from field to table”, we can trace what farm a specific cut of meat came from at any given moment. So when you purchase one of our products, it came either from an animal on one of our farms or one of the family farms we work with, which is in the context of the slogan "Panvita and I for agriculture." Our meat is of high quality and safe; our certificate guarantees that for any piece of meat which comes out of our slaughterhouse. Our meat is of a controlled Slovenian origin and that is clearly marked wherever it is sold. Due to the extensive system of control and monitoring, both by our own veterinary service, as well as an external independent institution (Veterinary Administration of Slovenia), and environment-friendly way to produce or process food, the cost of production and processing is higher, which is reflected in the price of the final product, but in the end the consumers should ask themselves what the price for their health is.

Saša Štraus, Researcher

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