Veterinary medicine

The primary activity of the veterinary department is conducting quality veterinary services at the highest professional level. Veterinary services are available both within the group, and to partnering chicken farms.
Conducting regular veterinary inspections plays a vital role on large pig and poultry farms. Due to the large number of animals, concentrated on a relatively small area, the outbreak of a certain disease could cause a substantial drop of production and with it an enormous loss of income. We are convinced that prevention is more effective as well as cheaper than curative. Considering the more strict regulation regarding the wide-spread use of antibiotics, we are trying hard to reduce their use, while at the same time implement new prevention methods. We are trying to study the zoogenic conditions and the epizootiological condition in rearing of animals as accurately as possible, and we're suggesting suitable solutions to improve the rearing conditions as well as conducting appropriate prevention programs.

Veterinary experts are being actively included in all technological processes, animals' diet, care for the well-being of animals and, finally, care for the natural environment and production of healthy, quality feed.

We are striving to offer our partners a wide range of veterinary services, we listen to their demands, and we design the service individually, so it benefits both contractual parties, but mainly it benefits the welfare of animals.

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